Monday, July 30, 2012

Elite4u Gina "Christmas" 10 pg Handmade Premade Sewn Paperbag Scrapbook Album

Elite4u Gina "Christmas" 10 pg Handmade 

Premade Sewn Paperbag 

Scrapbook Album

This is for an Amazing Pre-Made Sewn Christmas Mini 

Scrapbook Album!

There are 10 pages including front & back cover's with lots 

of moving parts!

This unique little album has a little box that pulls out that 

opens and has tags in it, 

it also has a matchbook, and a page that you pull the tab 

and a

 journailing spot slides out, you can also pull the photo mat

out on this page and turn it over for another photo,

 it also has a vellum pocket on the last page and some 


on some of the tags, there is a mini album in it with 10 


album is loaded with tons of tags and embellishments!

This album would be perfect for you to keep or to give as 

that special gift!

This album is one of a kind and will not be remade, if you 

like it please bid!

Find it on Ebay Here

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