Monday, March 19, 2012

Build a Project Monday

Today we start a new Build a Project and we will be making a basket! I made the standing bunny to put on my basket its from the new file Jelly Belly that will be in the store soon!

*********IF YOUR NEW TO BUILD A PROJECT*********************** You have to send an email at Monday but no later than Tuesday of the current week to request ...the Build A Project file for that we...ek. Once you receive the file, you complete the project and post a picture of the completed project here on CK's ( wall by 5 PM on Sunday The cycle repeats itself each week. Each week by Monday, you'll also be able to see your project along with all of the other submissions in a video created by Eva Laney. She does a fabulous job at putting thought into the projects and the ideas are are just fabulous. Happy Paper Piecing! We look forward to see your work! Gina ~ Admin


Naomi Edwards said...

Oh my Gosh is this project ever adorable!!!!!!!! Now that I know how build a project works I will have to join you! Perhaps this Sunday!
Wonderful job! The bunny is so sweet and the basket is lovely! I would love to know how to make the basket!

Anonymous said...

I have already send you a request but you didn't reply me yet!

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